Icebreakers & Warm-ups

Candy Confessions

Have each learner choose a candy from a variety of candies that are displayed on the table. Once they have chosen their favorite put up the chart for what one should do for each candy.

Candy Confession Chart

Candy [1] = a fun experience this summer

Candy [2] = a new friend you met this summer

Candy [3] = a book you read this summer

Candy [4] = a film you watched this summer

Candy [5] = a computer game you played this summer

Candy [6] = a trip you made this summer

Candy [7] = the very first day of school/university

Candy [8] = Share anything

Have each learner take turns using the chart to speak to the rest of the group about themselves. This activity is a fun way to eat, share and bond.


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