Try Walking in their Shoes


Walking in someone’s shoes gives us a great opportunity to practice conditionals and encourage even the least talkative students to speak.

Video 1. Try walking in her shoes

Step 1. Show the following video to your students.

Step 2. Assign roles to your students – girl, girl’s mom, auntie, brother, dad, woman’s boss, Mr. President, etc. – and ask them what they would have done had they been there.

Video 2. Try flying in his shoes

Step 1. Before you show this video to your students, ask them to focus and say what they would do in this situation immediately when you stop the tape.  Stop the tape at 0.16.

Step 2. Get feedback. Show the remaining part of the video and ask what they would do to the pranker. You may spice up the discussion and ask your students to come up with revenge pranks.

Video 3. Try babysitting in his shoes

Step 1. Show the first 3 minutes of the following video.

Step 2. Ask students what they wouldn’t be doing in this situation (I wouldn’t be screaming, I wouldn’t be sitting, I wouldn’t be talking on the phone, etc.). Ask students to predict what will happen next.

Step 3. Show the remaining part of the video. Ask students how they would take the prank.

Image: ©Svetlana Kandybovich

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