It’s that time of the year when teachers can finally breathe again and take an inventory of their toolkits.

Brain breaks and time fillers

It’s always a good idea to have a few fun activities up your sleeve as a brain break or a time filler for early finishers.

Alphabet Race is a simple word game similar to the Build a Word Game or Scrabble, where players make new words by adding letters to a starting word and cross out letters of the alphabet. The aim is to ‘get rid’ of all the letters in the alphabet.

The game can be played in teams (2-4 players) or individually (against the clock).

Materials needed: a sheet of paper

How to play:

1. The players write the alphabet on the playing field or on a separate sheet of paper if you have more than two players.

2. Player One writes a starting word and crosses out the letters used in the starting word.

3. Player Two adds letters to the starting word to make a new word and crosses out the letters used (only the letters they used).


4. The players are not allowed to use crossed out letters again. If the player cannot think of any word, they skip their turn.

5. The game ends when one of the players has crossed out all the letters, or all the players skip their turn.  The player who has crossed out all the letters or has the fewest number of letters wins the game.

Happy playing!

* * *

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  1. Teachers in Europe might be putting away their whiteboard markers but in my neck of the woods, this is around the time that everyone goes back to school. Love this activity. Elegantly simple in design but am sure it’s really engaging in the classroom.


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