Here’s a new addition to my WORD GAMES collection (see some of the games in my WORD GAMES post) – the Foldable Word Builder-Word Search Game. It is a Build a Word version with a twist. Instead of traditional 7×7, 9×9, 11×11, or 13×13 grids, players build words while unfolding parts of the 4×8 grid, which makes the game more dynamic to play.

Materials needed: 1 sheet of A4 size paper per two players.

How to make a playing field


Fold the sheet in half, then fold both sides towards the middle. Turn the paper and fold the sides towards the middle. Then repeat the procedure the third time. The (4×8) field is ready.


How to play

The game is played in pairs. Players take turns and fill in the squares with words. The players start playing on the 4-square field. The number of points corresponds to the number of letters in the word. The aim is to make a long word and get more points. The player with more points wins.


After all the four squares have been filled, the players unfold the field and continue playing further; this time – on the 6-square field. Words can run horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

After all the six squares have been filled, players unfold the field further on and continue playing.


After all the eight squares have been filled, players unfold the 12-square field.


And the 16-square field.


After the players have filled in 16 squares, they finally unfold the field with four squares to be filled. The points for words with letters in the four squares double.


The players count their points and determine the winner.

You may choose to finish the game or have your students play Word Search using the resulting field. Have them rotate the fields and search the words built by their fellow classmates.


Happy playing!

* * *

Would you like to learn how I came up with the idea for this game? Check BEHIND THE SCENES OF ELT-CATION


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