Despite many studies suggesting that *fun* is required for learning, it does not seem to sit right with many teachers (and parents) who continue to stick to their belief that if students are enjoying the class they must not be learning anything, i.e. there is learning and there is fun, and ‘never the twain shall meet’.


There are a lot of misconceptions about what fun in the classroom actually is, which explains why we are caught up in all these ideas that ‘there’s too much fun in the classroom’, ‘I’m not there to entertain them’ or ‘there’s no time for fun, they are there to learn’. Many of them might stem from poorly planned and executed ‘fun’ in the classrooms, distracting students from learning rather than facilitating it.

*Fun* is an approach to make learning more enjoyable, which may take a lot more time and skill to plan.

Getting your learners to play a ‘fun’ game or do a ‘fun’ activity does not mean that learning will follow. The flowchart below may help you decide if your activity is *fun* or a waste of time.


* * *



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