My today’s post continues the series of posts on crafts and low-cost ideas for the classroom (See CREATIVE LOW-COST TEACHING/LEARNING AIDS to learn how to make low-cost flip cards, small books, vocabulary organizers, puppets and game fields out of a sheet of paper).

Today we will try to make a reusable alternative for cut-and-paste worksheets. You will not need to print out worksheets for kids, and they will need neither scissors nor glue.


You will need 3 water cups (make sure they’re transparent) and a permanent black marker (or several coloured markers).

Take the first cup and draw a face, or a face with a body.


Now take the second cup, stack it onto the first one and draw trousers with shoes. Rotate the cup and draw shorts, or trousers, or skirts on the cup.


Take the third cup, stack it onto the second cup and add shirts or t-shirts.


The three cups will be enough to play. Get learners to rotate the cups, dress up and describe their stickmen.

You can also use a fourth cup to add different hair styles. Stack the fourth cup onto the third cup and draw different hair styles.


And the fifth cup can be used for accessories.


Now the cups are ready to play.

Get kids to rotate the cups, dress up and describe their stickmen.


  • Use wet napkins to remove permanent marker from the cup.
  • Instead of a stickman, get kids to create different monsters.

Happy teaching!

* * *

Images: Special thanks go to my daughter Pauline for the cups and creative ideas.



  1. What a suitable strategy to teach english when we work in village whera visual aids are not available thanks thanks. Wait fo feedback please from algeria

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  2. Hello Svetlana, thanks a lot for sharing. I’m not quite sure about how I can incorporate this brilliant idea into my Business English classes, however, I’m stealing it for playing with my little son 🙂 It’s wonderful, thanks!!

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