The other day I came across some wonderful suggestions for the use of game shows in the classroom given in 30 ACTIVITIES INSPIRED BY GAME SHOWS by Pete from ELT-PLANNINGGame shows and TV quizzes are truly a great source of inspiration for classroom activities.

My today’s post is inspired by The Voice.


Each year thousands of aspiring singers attend auditions for the popular singing performance competition while the audiences in many countries are glued to the television screen. The blind auditions, when the coaches’ chairs are faced towards the audience during singers’ performances and the coaches cannot see the singers, are probably the most exciting part of the show. “It doesn’t matter what you look like, just sing!” The most intriguing moment is the time when one of the coaches presses the button, the chair turns and the coach sees…well, there are surprises at times.

This show can be really good for describing one’s looks and revising modal verbs of deduction.

The procedure:

Play a song (you can pick some interesting (and unexpected) auditions from this video)

and ask your students to describe what the singer looks like and give such details as his/her sex, age, height, hair colour, clothes the singer is wearing, etc. Then play the video and see whose description comes closest to reality.


1. Play the beginning of the audition performance without showing the video to students. Pause the video and ask your students to make guesses about:



appearance: height, build, hair colour, clothes, etc.

First, ask students to think about their guesses focusing on the language they will use:

Err, mmm perhaps


I suppose

I guess

I reckon

I believe

I bet






2. Have students share their thoughts with a partner.

3.  Ask students to share their guesses with the whole group.

4. Play the remaining part of the video.


Happy teaching!

(Image: Eva Rinaldi,, Creative Commons)


  1. I’ve already tried it with my students! Such an engaging activity! Thank you Svetlana! Greetings from Greece!


  2. Tried this with two groups of teenage students this week – they loved it. Lots of great ideas and looks of surprise on certain faces when the signer they thought might be a young black woman turned out to be a nerdy-looking young white man!


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