The Football Game

Ole, ole, ole! It’s time for football! Tekhnologic and I have worked together to help you ‘get the ball rolling’ in the classroom. Whether you’re a football fan or not, we hope you will enjoy this game.


There are over a billion football supporters scheduling their lives around football matches. After all, football is the most played and most watched sport on earth. So why not bring the beautiful game into the classroom?

Tekhnologic and ELT-Cation have worked together to show you how to ‘get the ball rolling’ and talk about football in the classroom.

We hope that this post will be equally useful for both teachers and learners of English.

For teachers: You can use football to turn a test into a game for your students, brush up on grammar or vocabulary, or set speaking assignments. 
For learners: Challenge your friends to play football and learn football-related idioms. Even if you do not follow football, you will find them quite useful for everyday life and business.

Before the game

Prepare Question cards

The Football Game - Question Cards Screenshot of the Football Game cards

If you plan to pair up or split students into small teams…

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