10 useful websites for ELT

I have a long list of ELT websites bookmarked because they seemed to be of practical value at a certain time (“Could be good for tomorrow’s class”), or were a nice read, not really applicable, but with some potential (“Could be useful”), or cited in some articles and I thought it would be good to take a closer look at them (“Read later, maybe”). Will I ever revisit and read these websites? Maybe. One day. When I have some free time. After I have checked out the websites recommended to me by the like-minded teachers, who take time to explore new ideas and tools for the classroom.

Here’s a list of 10 useful websites recommended by ELT PLANNING. I have already found two websites in the list that will be of much help in my teaching practice. Now passing it on to you.

ELT planning

A self-development task during my diploma last year asked me to list all the websites I found useful in my ELT practice. The document I created spanned about 6 pages – it could easily have been longer.

I’m sure there’s a lot of common ground between us teachers, experienced or not. A majority of the sites I use were either found through a Google Search or passed on from colleagues. Nevertheless, I think it’s worth listing a few of my favourite sites as some serve rather specific purposes.

I hope you find at least one new website in the list below. If so, please tell others about it – sharing is caring!

‘I want to find words that collocate with my target vocabulary’

I recommend… Just The Wordjust the word

This is a recent find for me (thanks Julian). Type a word into the search bar and you are provided with a list…

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