Student driven learning…

A brilliant approach!


After reading this blog post I felt pretty excited about something which has been happening in my classroom today and weeks leading up to today. It had to do with how I am involving my class of learners in the analysis of their assessment data. Before I write about my ‘scenario’ I want to make a mention of some key points in this article.

  • We should not leave students out of the assessment process..they know themselves

  • Using data with students encompasses classroom practices that build students’ capacity to access, analyze, and use data effectively to reflect, set goals, and document their own growth.

  • When kids analyse and use data from their learning they are actively involved in their own growth. This practice is much more effective when it is an ongoing part of the culture of the classroom. A culture that improvement is more important than a mark/grade/number/letter.

  • ‘Data driven’…

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